(tl;dr: We design and build complex websites, we’re doing lots of forward-thinking stuff in the publishing and mobile web spaces, and we contribute tons of code to open-source projects.)

Four Kitchens is a leading open-source consulting firm with strong roots in the Drupal, open-source, and free-culture communities. We do everything in-house: design, information and systems architecture, usability testing, development, performance tuning, and project management.

We are proud of our clients: major media outlets, universities, nonprofits, and social reformers. Our projects are mostly large-scale, and they require extensive client collaboration and occasional on-site work.

Though we handle (very) big projects, we're small enough that our team members go by names, not numbers. Our Web Chefs bring much more than their professional skills to the kitchen, and we encourage everyone to help guide the direction of our company.

We’re a fully distributed company, meaning we believe good talent is where you find it. The Web Chefs span 10+ states across the US. We strive to make physical distances irrelevant and have all team members feel like they’re working together in the same room.

We work hard and we strive to maintain a good work-life balance for our team. Our Web Chefs' hobbies include cycling, rock climbing, sketch comedy, yoga, writing, and home brewing. We also actively participate in various charities, community meetups, and volunteer activities.

We hope you’ll join us!